'Dark Knight III' Might Not Be Frank Miller's Final Batman Project, Says DC Co-Publisher

Batman comic - H 2015
Courtesy of Jim Lee/DC Entertainment
The writer/artist might return to his abandoned 'All Star Batman and Robin' project, Jim Lee teases.

"Dark Knight III: The Master Race" might not be Frank Miller's final word on Batman, according to DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee. In fact, it might lead to the long-awaited conclusion of a fan-favorite series that's been left unfinished since 2008.

"Frank is super excited to be working in comics again," Lee told Comic Book Resources about Miller's return to the medium where he started out. DKIII will be Miller's first comics project since 2011's controversial graphic novel "Holy Terror," which featured a Batman-like vigilante dealing with Islamic terrorism; since then, the writer/artist/director has remained out of the public eye with the exception of writing and co-directing last year's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

"["Dark Knight III"] is not going to be his last project for DC," Lee continued, suggesting instead that Miller might collaborate with Lee on the conclusion to "All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder," the series the two launched together in 2005. "He's got a great ending to the story and a really cool final scene that was described to me that is just classic," said Lee.

After a sporadic publishing schedule that would see the series go through numerous delays, "All Star Batman & Robin" went on hiatus with its tenth issue in 2008. A relaunch that would see the series re-titled as "Dark Knight: Boy Wonder" and placed firmly into the same continuity as Miller's classic 1980s series "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" was announced in 2011, but it failed to materialize, with Lee instead choosing to illustrate the New 52 relaunch of the company's flagship series, "Justice League."

"When I worked on "All Star Batman & Robin," I was just coming off of maybe four or five years of just working on Batman, and I just kind of hit a wall with it," Lee admitted. "But now that I've taken a break from it… it'll be kind of cool to jump back on and finish out. At the end of the day, you want a nice [collected edition] that tells the whole story, and I would love to finish that."

"Dark Knight III: Master Race" No. 1 will be available in comic book stores Nov. 25.