'Looper': Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Physical Transformation in Teaser Clip (Video)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper
The actor reveals how much time was spent in the makeup chair each morning as he prepped to become a young Bruce Willis.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in Sony’s sci-fi thriller Looper, but his face is almost unrecognizable.

Thanks to three hours in the makeup chair each morning, the actor transformed into a younger version of Bruce Willis for the role – in which the duo plays the same character at different ages. Through time travel, Gordon-Levitt and Willis are forced to hunt each other down in the Rian Johnson-directed film.

“It was kind of an incredible transformation to see,” Johnson said. Added Gordon-Levitt, “It kind of freaked Bruce out.”

“We knew we were never gonna make Joe look like a real young Bruce Willis,” said Johnson. “So what we did was pick a few key features and alter those.”

In case all the hype surrounding the project has yet to pique your interest, Gordon-Levitt goes so far to proclaim: “It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done.”

Watch two teaser clips below, which feature a sneak peek at what we can expect from the trailer – due out on Thursday via iTunes.

Looper opens nationwide on Sept. 28.