Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks 'Looper' in Teaser of the Trailer (Video)

The actor appears alongside writer/director Rian Johnson in a new promotional clip, which reveals a first look at the highly anticipated footage.

If you can’t wait until Thursday for the release of Sony’s official Looper trailer, get a first look at the film in the teaser below.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears alongside writer/director Rian Johnson in the brief clip, which features the very first footage from Sony’s upcoming time travel action flick. Explaining the premise of the film, Gordon-Levitt asks the audience: “What would you do if you had to hunt down and kill your future self?”

“My future self is played by Bruce Willis,” he continues. “Which is how you know it’s a movie, because in real life I’d be screwed.”

Looper has lots of action, but it also has this premise that you can dig into a little bit and it hopefully makes you think,” adds Johnson.

A more in-depth trailer is scheduled for release via the iTunes trailer site on Thursday -- until then, soak in all the sci-fi goodness in the teaser below. Sony will release additional vignettes throughout the week over on iTunes.


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