'Dark Knight Legacy' Fan Film Goes Beyond Nolan's Trilogy (Video)

Fan video -- and Indie GoGo project -- "The Dark Knight Legacy" explores a Gotham after both Bruce Wayne and Christopher Nolan have moved on.
Woody Tondorf/Chris Landa

The announcement that Ben Affleck would be taking over as Batman for 2015's Man of Steel sequel brought disappointment for all those who had hoped to see more of Joseph Gordon Levitt's "John Blake" as the Dark Knight following the end of 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. Just because Warner Bros. is finished with Blake, however, that doesn't mean everyone is -- as The Dark Knight Legacy, a new fan-produced project, demonstrates.

Premiering via the Machinima YouTube channel Monday, Legacy allows Bruce Wayne's Batman to rest in peace by showing Blake taking on an entirely different costumed guise -- and he's not the only one to have taken on a costumed identity familiar to comic book fans (Spoiler: Things seem to be headed for a Robin vs. Robin showdown, even if neither one goes by the name Robin anymore).

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The short is a tease for a potential web series that is currently seeking funding via IndieGoGo. According to writers and Legacy creators Woody Tondorf and Chris Landa, if the campaign doesn't meet its $30,000 by the Oct. 16 deadline, they'll abandon plans to shoot the movie and instead "shoot another short film based on a DC Comics character" -- one that will be decided by fan vote. Isn't that pretty much making the case for not funding the project?