The 'Dark Knight' Returns as 8-Bit Video

How to improve "The Dark Knight"? Try summarizing it in under four minutes and making it look like an 8-bit arcade game from the 1980s.

Let's be honest: There are some problems with Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. Its length, for one thing, and the fact that it felt like two movies that accidentally had been squished into one (Seriously, push all the Two-Face stuff into another movie and it'd be muuuuuch better). Its main flaw, however, is that it wasn't an 8-bit video game, as a new video from Cinefix makes clear.

8 Bit Cinema's three-and-a-half minute recreation of the movie manages to sidestep a lot of The Dark Knight's flaws -- if nothing else, we're spared the closing monologue and almost everything that Two-Face gets up to -- while also making you wish that someone had had the foresight to make an arcade game version of the movie back in the 1980s. Just imagine saving up all your quarters to play the highway chase sequence and how excited you would be!

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The video is part of CineFix's Batman Month, a slate of programming that ran throughout September on the YouTube channel. The programming including remakes of the 1960s TV show's opening sequence, previews of Batman: Arkham Origins and other Bruce Wayne-centric material. Sadly missing: Any mention of Dick Grayson's stints as fill-in Batman, but if there's one thing we know about any Batman-related project, it's that there'll always be a follow-up. So maybe next Bat-time?