'Dark Knight Rises:' Catwoman Wrecks Imax Camera on Set (Video)

Anne Hathaway's stunt double rides a giant motorcycle into the expensive equipment.
Warner Bros.

The first casualty of The Dark Knight Rises set? An expensive Imax camera.

Anne Hathaway's stunt double smashed a camera on the Pittsburgh set Monday. Watch the footage on TMZ.com.

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She was riding the giant motorcycle down the steps of a Carnegie Mellon University building when she went flying into the camera. No one was was hurt.

The scenes seems to be a continuation of the massive riot-fight filmed with Christian Bale (Batman) and Tom Hardy (villain Bane) over the weekend.

The movie has a $250 million budget, so should be able to buy a new Imax camera.

The film, directed by Christopher Nolan, hits theaters in 2012.

Last week, Warner Bros. released the first images of Hathaway.


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