'Dark Knight Rises' Offers IMAX-Sized Thrills (Video)

After announcing weeks ago that The Dark Knight Rises will feature more than an hour of footage shot in the IMAX format, the large-format exhibitor released a TV spot Friday offering a glimpse of what will soon envelop audiences in theaters across the country. As Batman’s adversary Bane proclaims “Let the games begin!” a fast-paced montage of images hints at the epic scale of the film – and that’s before it’s projected on one of IMAX’s enormous screens.

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The clip opens with Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) seductively informing Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) that “There’s a storm coming” as a variety of Gotham City locations go up in smoke and flames. Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) scrambles for cover as Bane (Tom Hardy) sends his violent minions into battle, announcing, “we will destroy Gotham.”

Over a stunningly eclectic montage of imagery featuring Batman’s trademark vehicle, the Prowler, a flying vehicle called The Bat, armies of footsoldiers rushing at one another in battle, and a showdown between Batman and Bane on the steps of the Gotham City courthouse, voiceover announces the film’s rating and instructs the three people who don’t already have tickets to purchase them in time for the film’s July 20 opening day.

Watch the video above for a few more reasons to make this the summer’s most highly-anticipated movie. The Dark Knight Rises opens in IMAX and traditional film formats on July 20.