'Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Screenings Offer Exclusive Poster

Ticketholders attending the midnight screenings of the film on opening night will receive a limited-edition print featuring Bane.

Christopher Nolan’s aversion to 3D and even digital is understandable given his appetite for the clarity of IMAX and texture of film grain, but his latest medium for reaching fans is even more old-fashioned.

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IMAX announced Tuesday that ticketholders attending 12:01 a.m. screenings of The Dark Knight on July 20 will receive an exclusive print featuring the film’s marquee villain, Bane (Tom Hardy).

Previously, Warner Bros. released digital posters for each of the major characters in the film, including Bane. But the new black and white image, which premiered on Fandango on Tuesday, is a limited-edition treat that fans can take home with them – while supplies last, anyway.

Meanwhile, Nolan shot more than an hour of footage for The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX, ensuring that those same ticketholders will get their money’s worth even if they don’t go home with one of the prized keepsakes.

The Dark Knight Rises opens nationwide in IMAX and traditional film formats July 20.