'Dark Knight Rises': Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the End of the Batman Saga (Video)

"Chris Nolan doesn't just make action blockbusters that are pandering to box office scores," the actor insists.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt belongs to an elite cadre of actors: The Christopher Nolan Club.

The acclaimed director clearly loves to populate his films with certain favorites. He cast Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy in both Inception, his 2010 blockbuster, and this summer's The Dark Knight Rises, the end of his mega-hit Batman trilogy starring another pet actor-collaborator, Christian Bale.

Gordon-Levitt portrays idealistic Gotham rookie cop John Blake in this third installment, and without spoiling anything, the role is larger than expected.

"It's just an honor," he tells THR. "I don't even know what to say. I'm so grateful. I love this movie. I'd be first in line even if I weren't in it."

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The movie had its red-carpet premiere on Monday night in New York City and opens Friday nationwide. If the online fandemonium is any indication, Dark Knight Rises -- featuring Hardy as evil villain Bane -- will slay the box office.

"Chris Nolan doesn't just make action blockbusters that are pandering to box office scores," gushes Gordon-Levitt. "He's telling a truly heartfelt story that he cares about. And I think that's why people love his movies."

Gordon-Levitt, who will next be seen playing a younger version of Bruce Willis in the sci-fi action film Looper, makes his directorial debut on the upcoming film Don Jon's Addiction, in which he plays a porn addict opposite Scarlett Johansson. (He co-wrote the script as well, which is very Chris Nolan of him.)