'Dark Knight Rises' Website Releases Detailed Production Notes

Warner Bros.' official site for the film makes publicly available some 50 pages of production information about the highly anticipated sequel.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Secrecy has always been of premium importance for Christopher Nolan and the filmmakers responsible for The Dark Knight Rises. But Warner Bros. lifted the curtain Wednesday when the studio released detailed production notes on the film’s official website.

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Under the site’s “About the Film” section, visitors can click on a listing for production notes which prompts them to download the 49-page document. In addition to a short synopsis of the film, the document includes a section “About the Production,” which includes short exchanges of dialogue as well as interview materials with principle cast members. The notes also feature profiles of its high-profile castmembers as well as the participants behind the camera.

Although THR has declined to publish the content – as much as anything, to preserve the film’s surprises for ourselves -- fans can download the production notes at TheDarkKnightRises.com. The Dark Knight Rises opens nationwide on July 20.