'Dark Knight Rises': Latest TV Promo Highlights Batman's New Ride (Video)

Dark Knight Rises TV Spot - H 2012
<p>Dark Knight Rises TV Spot - H 2012</p>
With barely a month to go until the release of Christopher Nolan's final chapter in his trilogy, there's still some footage to share before it hits theaters.

The Dark Knight Rises has released yet another TV spot ahead of its July 20 release, and it's short and sweet.

It also does a pretty good job of filling each of the 30 seconds with most of the main players -- Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway all manage to appear -- and a new scene between Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne and Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox.

Lucius gives Bruce a rundown of "The Bat," the aerial vehicle previously teased in the other trailers. Their exchange ends with one of the presumably few lighthearted moments of the film. Watch below: