'Dark Knight Rises' Soundtrack Streaming Online (Audio)

Dark Knight Rises Batman Looking up - H 2012
<p>Dark Knight Rises Batman Looking up - H 2012</p>   |   Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Pictures
Hans Zimmer's score to the final chapter in Christopher Nolan's caped crusader epic is now available to eager fans ahead of the film's release.

If the dark and ominous tone of the endless and ubiquitous movie trailers didn't quite convey the message visually, now you can tune into the destruction of Gotham direct through their ear buds.

With just weeks until The Dark Knight Rises erupts into theaters (and at a predicted record-force), Warner Bros. has released its ominous and harrowing, Hans Zimmer-composed score online. The 15-track piece from director Christopher Nolan's go-to German maestro swoops and soars and crashes and surges upward, with track titles that mirror the different story beats of the older-Batman-must-rise-again epic.

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Just a few of the titles: "A Storm is Coming," "A Fire Rises," "Born in Darkness," "Gotham's Reckoning," "Imagine the Fire," "Necessary Evil" and "Rise."

Nope, those aren't emo-core tracks, just the building musical score to what promises to be the most dramatic chapter in the bat's story yet. The audio comes via Empire Online.