'The Dark Knight Rises' Special Effects Shoot Surfaces on the Web (Video)

Anne Hathaway - Dark Knight Rises: FIRST PICTURE OF CATWOMAN - H - 2011
Warner Bros.
Photos and videos from the set emerged over Labor Day weekend, depicting an explosion scene on 3rd Street in Los Angeles.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises relocated from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles to resume filming for the Summer 2012 blockbuster, and several behind-the-scenes photos and videos have leaked on the web.

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Two photos were posted to the Fox-11 News Los Angeles Facebook page with a caption reading: "The pictures Warner Brothers doesn't want you to see!" The images, which are shot from both ariel and street view, appear to show 3rd Street in Los Angeles and a prop wall tunnel in the aftermath of an explosion. They will be broadcast during the 10 p.m. local news on Monday.

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A few videos have made their way to the internet as well, depicting a massive car pile-up. Fans can rest assured that the videos are relatively spoiler free, as there isn't much action to be seen.

This marks the second weekend of shooting in LA for the film, with both Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman spotted on the various sets.  
The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, 2012.