New 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Turned Into Animated GIF by Obsessive Fan

Dark Knight Trailer Screen Grab - H 2012
<p>Dark Knight Trailer Screen Grab - H 2012</p>
Warner's viral campaign sent participants on a worldwide scavenger hunt for graffiti.

Warner Bros. kicked off an ambitious viral campaign in support of Christopher Nolan's hugely anticipated The Dark Knight Rises on Monday.

Fans were guided to the sequel's official site, where they found a dossier marked "Anonymous Vigilante Investigation." Inside was an arrest warrant for "John Doe aka 'The Batman,'" and a letter from Gotham City Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley, listing dozens of addresses around the world where "graffiti related to any movement in support of the vigilante's return" might be found.

Operatives were instructed to photograph the graffiti and submit their evidence (#tdkr07202012 on Twitter or tdkr0720202012 [at] gothampolicedepartment.com via email); in return, they'd have individual frames from the new trailer -- set to debut before The Avengers this weekend -- unlocked.

This being The Dark Knight Rises, i.e. the holy fanboy grail, it should come as no surprise that one fastidious Batman fan managed to splice together all of the available leaked frames and combine them into a watchable (if tiny and silent) trailer. Have a little patience -- this one takes a few seconds to load.

[N-SB.org via /Film]


UPDATE: Warner Bros. has released the final trailer. Now with sound!