'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot Shows Batman’s New Toys (Video)

Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) shows a “retired” Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) what he's been working on "for old time's sake."
Warner Bros. Pictures

Christopher Nolan’s Batman films tend to be light on the humor, but a new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises showcases a back and forth between Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Wayne Enterprises’ resident genius inventor, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

Standing in an office together, Fox says: “These conversations used to end with an unusual requests.” (Body armor for spelunking, anyone?) Wayne insists he’s "retired," but Fox wants to show him some stuff anyway, “for old time’s sake.”

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We then get a peak at Fox's workshop and flashes of how his bat-tech will be used in the film, which hits theaters July 20.

Watch the video below.