New 'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot Teases Tense Finale (Video)

JULY: "The Dark Knight Rises"
<p>The conclusion of Nolan&#39;s wildly successful Batman trilogy aims to gross more than $1 billion worldwide.</p>
The ad for the July 20 release features new dialogue from Michael Caine.

The television campaign for Christopher Nolan’s Batman finale continues to rise.

The new 30-second TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises hits the film's rise theme hard, and includes flashes of the word "RISE" and previously seen footage of what appears to be Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) climbing up from a cavern. 

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Though much of the footage is recycled from previous trailers or TV spots, a new addition includes a disappointed sounding Alfred (Michael Caine) telling Wayne “You’re not Batman anymore.”

The Warner Bros. film hits theaters July 20.

Watch the video below.