'Dark Phoenix' Promotion Looks Back at Decades of 'X-Men' Movies

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Still 2 - Publicity - H 2018
<p><em>Dark Phoenix</em></p>   |   Doane Gregory/Twentieth Century Fox
Is the next incarnation of Jean Grey the biggest threat Fox's team has faced to date?

In the run-up to next month’s Dark Phoenix, May 13 has been officially designated X-Men Day, which means the chance to release new promo videos for the final installment in the current cycle of X-Men movies.

Two of the three videos released highlight the nearly two decade-long history of the movie franchise. One of the videos featuring a caption reading, “20 years ago,” which is a slight fudging of the dates; the first X-Men movie was released July 2000, not even a full 19 years ago just yet — in an attempt to place Dark Phoenix into the appropriate context of the wider X-Men legacy. One even goes so far as to describe Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey as the X-Men’s “greatest enemy — one of their own.”

Of more interest, perhaps, to comic book fans, is the third video: Marvel Icons: Chris Claremont & Louise Simonson, in which the two creators — who wrote and edited the comic book version of the Dark Phoenix saga — talked about the creation of the storyline in the first place. “We wanted [Jean] to be the heart and soul of the team,” Claremont recalls. “And, we also wanted to put Scott [Summers, AKA Cyclops] in his place.”

Also released as part of X-Men Day promotion, a series of limited edition posters inspired by the movie by artists including Chris Malbon, Tracie Ching and Cryssy Cheung:

Dark Phoenix will fly into theaters June 7.