'Dark Shadows' Star Jonny Lee Miller Reveals Details About Neil Jordan Vampire Flick 'Byzantium' (Video)

The star of Tim Burton's adaptation calls his next horror movie character "quite an unpleasant guy."

Dark Shadows co-star Jonny Lee Miller tells The Hollywood Reporter that there isn’t much in common between that occult project and his next one -- Neil Jordan’s vampire-themed Byzantium.

“They’re wildly different,” Miller tells THR. “I hadn’t even made the connection, if you can believe that. They’re so different.”

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In Dark Shadows, Tim Burton's big-screen adaptation of the cult horror TV series, Miller plays Roger Collins, a ne’er-do-well mortal who soaks up the Collins family fortune but neglects his son after the death of his wife. “My character in Byzantium is also not a vampire,” Miller reveals, adding, “He’s also quite an unpleasant guy.”

But while his characters may have no supernatural abilities, Miller himself is walking on air, thanks to back-to-back projects with a couple of directing masters: "I was so amazed in the space of several months to be able to work with two iconic directors," Miller says.

“But the thing that’s the same about great directors is they make you feel really at ease, and they make you feel important,” he continues. “I was a smallish part in both movies, and yet I felt really like they wanted me there and that it was important, what I was doing.”

Watch the video above for more information about Byzantium and Miller’s work with the two directors. Dark Shadows opens nationwide May 11, 2012.