'Dark Tower': Idris Elba Introduces Stephen King Easter Eggs

How do the author's many works connect to the upcoming film?

There are other worlds than these — specifiically, the many worlds created by author Stephen King.

Fans of his novels know there is connective tissue linking many of his stories, but as Dark Tower star Idris Elba points out in a series of videos teasing some of those connections, they all begin and end with The Dark Tower.

"There are other worlds than these. Worlds where a boy shines against the dark, where everyone floats, down below," Elba's Roland Deschain says. "Revenge is drenched in blood and fire and no one dares to laugh, where lives are locked up with undying hope, worlds that have moved on, and worlds that have not. They all begin and end here. The Dark Tower."

It's a fun time for King fans, who also have an It trailer to look forward to Thursday (the first trailer also had plenty of references to the author's other works).

Sony's The Dark Tower opens Aug. 4 and also stars Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black. Nikolaj Arcel directs the film.

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