David Ayer: DC's 'Suicide Squad' Is "Dirty Dozen With Supervillains"

Suicide Squad Issue 1 - P 2014
<p>Suicide Squad Issue 1 - P 2014</p>   |   Howard Chaykin/DC Entertainment
"Does a movie really need good guys?"

Wondering what to expect from David Ayer's movie version of DC's Suicide Squad? The Fury director has a very simple pitch for his take. "It's a Dirty Dozen with supervillains," he told British movie magazine Empire, adding, "Does a movie really need good guys?"

The 2016 movie, Warner Bros' second in its newly announced schedule of DC Entertainment properties following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will be the fifth time the team — traditionally made up of supervillains working for the U.S. government in an attempt to commute their prison sentences — will be adapted for the screen. They have already appeared in episodes of Justice League Unlimited, Smallville and Arrow and were the focus of the recently released Batman: Assault on Arkham animated movie.

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With Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie rumored to be in talks to appear in the feature, Ayer joked that he doesn't have a specific plan when it comes to casting. "I don't know what I'm going to do," he said. "I'm going to do what I do in my typical fever dream of directing."

"There's something incredible about the comic [medium], and technology has finally caught up with pen and ink to render these fantastic worlds in a way that feels believable and visceral to audiences," the director said, going on to praise fans for their passion. Calling comic book movies "a secular religion," he said that "the mythology that these characters represent — the idea of them as fallen gods on Earth — is intriguing to me. I can't wait to start exploring those corridors."

Suicide Squad is scheduled for release Aug. 5, 2016.

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