David Dastmalchian on 'Dune,' 'Dark Knight' and 'All Creatures Here Below'

The actor, known for working with directors such as Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve, is unveiling an intimate indie later this month.

Actor David Dastmalchian has been a fixture of blockbuster moviemaking for the past decade thanks to small but memorable roles in films such as The Dark Knight, Ant-Man and Blade Runner 2049. And the actor's résumé continues to expand. 

Dastmalchian is deep in prep for Dune, the big-budget adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic novel, and earlier this week, news broke that he will play the DC villain the Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad, from Warner Bros. and filmmaker James Gunn. 

But before his upcoming blockbuster projects, Dastmalchian will be unveiling a much more intimate tale, the indie film All Creatures Here Below, in which he stars opposite Guardians of the Galaxy's Karen Gillan. Dastmalchian wrote the script, which centers on a couple with a mysterious past who both make life-altering choices on the same day.

"They care very deeply for each other, but life has been incredibly cruel to them," Dastmalchian said during a recent visit to the Heat Vision Breakdown set.

During the conversation, the actor also spoke about Legendary's Dune, which will be his third collaboration with Denis Villeneuve, the filmmaker who also cast him in Prisoners and Blade Runner 2049.

"I'm playing Piter De Vries, who is this sadistic, human computer who is so driven by an intention that is quite different than any character I've gotten to play before," said Dastmalchian.

As for specifics on The Suicide Squad, Dastmalchian is remaining mum, but he did say he's been wanting to work with Gunn for a long time.

"That man understands so much about what makes these modern myths so effective and powerful," Dastmalchian said of Gunn's previous work, which includes two Guardians of the Galaxy films.

In addition to his big-screen work, the actor will star in Hulu's Reprisal, a revenge tale that will see Dastmalchian play Johnson, the enigmatic longtime member of the Three River Phoenixes gang.

The actor said the pilot script felt like a mix between David Lynch and "the action and stakes of a [Quentin] Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez film."

Watch the full conversation at the top of the post, where Dastmalchian also delves into what it's like auditioning for Christopher Nolan when you're an actor without any film credits to your name, and making the most of your screen time when you only have a few moments in a big blockbuster. 

All Creatures Here Below, from director  Collin Schiffli, hits theaters and digital May 17.