David Fincher Leads a Kickstarter Campaign for 'Goon' Animated Movie (Video)

David Fincher
<p> Fincher will executive produce &quot;House of Cards&quot; and direct the first episode.</p>   |   Valerie Macon/Getty Images
The Oscar-nominated director is seeking cash for a quirky project that is seen by some in Hollywood as very risky.

A kickstarter campaign for a David Fincher movie?

Yes, indeed.

The venerable director, along with Tim Miller of Blur Studios and Dark Horse Studios, has taken to crowdfunding to help fund the development of an animated feature based on The Goon, the off-beat Eric Powell comic book.

The movie has been in development for a couple of years – Fincher is executive producing with Miller co-directing with Jeff Fowler – and thousands of dollars has been spent. An animated proof of concept clip was created and shown at Comic-Con but the project hasn’t gone to the next level since finding a financier to back an animated film that isn’t all-ages or family entertainment is seen as risky. (Tim Burton and Disney's Frankenweenie, which pushes the edges of kid horror and is only PG, is currenty struggling at the box office.)

And Goon is definitely in the PG-13 mold (ratings aren't official until after the MPAA has its say). It’s a paranormal-themed quirky comic that mixes humor and violence and features everything from cannibals to zombies centering on a large enforcer whose main nemesis is a zombie priest.

In a video released today Fincher shows off a humorous side as he and Miller ask for $400,000 to help fund a story reel. As is customary with Kickstarter campaigns, there are goodies offered to donors, with top clam-tossers receiving original Goon art from Powell and a private screening of the finished story reel with Fincher, Powell, Miller and others in attendance with a lunch afterwards.

"Does Hollywood know better than you?,” asks Fincher in the video.

He's hoping the answer is a resounding "no," or even better, "cha-ching."