David Morrell Calls His Own 'Spider-Man' Comic 'Terrible'

The New York Times bestselling author complains about the published version of his "Amazing Spider-Man" script, saying that the experience has made him quit comics.
Pasqual Ferry/Marvel Entertainment

Writer David Morrell has taken to Facebook to complain about the treatment of his script for this week's Amazing Spider-Man #700.2, which he described as a "terrible version" that contradicts and destroys what he had originally written.

"Someone at Marvel changed my captions, added weak jokes, repeated captions, deleted captions from panels that needed them, and inserted one caption that contradicts the theme," the First Blood author wrote about the comic, which was released yesterday. "When I saw this early version, I sent three pages of corrections to Marvel. I was assured that my changes had been made, but for whatever reason the terrible version got printed, destroying the poignant tone of part one."

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Writing in the comments to his original post, Morrell added that his experience with Marvel had "been such a disappointing experience that I'm finished with writing in this form." He continued, "It's an exciting medium … My goal was extremely high: to make readers actually believe in the characters. The first part was poignant and moving, I thought. Now part two starts with weak jokes that destroy the continuity."

In a latter comment, he explained that, "It's not the editor's fault. It's a corporate thing. No one knows who did what," adding that "someone at Marvel emailed me today to suggest that the corrected version might be in a bound collection of Spider-Man stories, but I have no idea when that might appear or if the corrected version would in fact be in it."

Morrell's story, which was originally written in 2007 according to the author, was one of many to appear in the five-part revival of the Amazing Spider-Man title, which ceased publication last December to be replaced by Superior Spider-Man. According to reports, the published version of the story appeared in error, with the wrong file being uploaded to the printers and the mistake not being caught before publication.