DC Adds 3 New Titles to 'Death Metal' Event

'Trinity Crisis,' 'Speed Metal,' and 'Multiverse's End' are set to arrive in September.
Francis Manapul/Howard Porter/Michael Golden/DC
'Trinity Crisis,' 'Speed Metal,' and 'Multiverse's End' are set to arrive in September.

DC is continuing to build out its upcoming Dark Nights: Death Metal comic book event, with the announcement of three all-new special issues to be released this September — each of which adds a lot more information about just how bad things get for the good guys as part of the storyline.

Following the recent announcement of anthology tie-ins Dark Nights: Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights and Dark Nights: Death Metal Guidebook, both of which are scheduled for August release, DC unveiled Dark Nights: Death Metal — Trinity Crisis, Dark Nights: Death Metal — Speed Metal and Dark Nights: Death Metal — Multiverse’s End, three extra-length issues intended to expand the scope of the Death Metal story even further.

Trinity Crisis will team DC’s heroic trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as they have to face new versions of three of their most dangerous enemies: Superboy Prime, the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid. The issue, written by Death Metal’s Scott Snyder with art by Francis Manapul, will be released Sept. 8.

Two weeks later, Speed Metal features multiple generations of the Flash, as the “Darkest Knight” tries to hunt down Wally West, the former Flash who now possesses the energy of Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan. Running in to keep him safe are other Flashes from throughout DC’s history, including Barry Allen and the original hero to use the name, Jay Garrick. Joshua Williamson, who writes the regular Flash comic, joins with artists Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira for the Sept. 22 release.

Last but not least, James Tynion IV (Batman) and Juan Gedeon are the team responsible for Multiverse’s End, in which the entirety of the DC multiverse has been collapsed into one final reality, with the few survivors teaming up to fight in vain against the end of everything.

Each of the three issues will run 48 pages, and act as replacements for the primary Death Metal series, which goes on a one-month hiatus for September. Dark Nights: Death Metal launches later this month.