DC Sets Free Comic Book Day Releases for 2020

DC's Generation Zero - Publicity - H 2020
Francis Manapul/DC
One issue will prepare for a redefinition of DC's comic book timeline.

DC has announced details of its Free Comic Book Day titles for the upcoming event in May, promising that one of the releases will “boldly [set] the stage for the past, present and future” of its comic book universe, while the other will offer teases of what’s to come for the publisher’s young reader graphic novels.

As is traditionally the case for the annual Free Comic Book Day event, DC will release two special issues aimed at different audiences. The first will be a flip book of excepts from Batman: Overdrive and Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime, two graphic novels aimed at younger fans of the company’s iconic Dark Knight; the issue will also feature teases for two further middle grade releases, My Video Game Ate My Homework and Primer, both of which feature all-new characters.

Perhaps the more interesting of the two releases for longtime fans, however, will be DC’s Generation Zero, which the company describes as something that “lays the foundation for even more seismic-level changes in the DC Universe.”

Spinning out of the current Flash Forward miniseries, the first of the issue’s two stories appears to further the creation of the new DC timeline that the publisher has been teasing since last year’s New York Comic Con. Wally West — the former Flash who has been stuck in the multiverse as part of the current Flash Forward miniseries — sacrifices himself for the greater good, only to discover the true past, present and future of the DC Universe… including, according to DC, “what needs to be changed.”

Generation Zero will also include Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch’s contribution to Wonder Woman No. 750, which appeared to offer a new beginning for not only Wonder Woman but the larger DC comic book mythology as a whole.

Both issues will be available in comic stores taking part in Free Comic Book Day on May 2; a list of participating stores can be found here.