DC to Launch New 'Amethyst' Comic Book Series for 2020

Amethyst art - Publicity - H 2019
Amy Reeder/DC
The new title will be part of the Brian Michael Bendis-curated Wonder Comics imprint.

The one-year anniversary of DC’s Wonder Comics — the imprint curated by writer Brian Michael Bendis featuring DC’s younger characters, and aimed at younger readers — will include two big events, it was revealed at New York Comic Con on Friday afternoon. Not only will all of the Wonder Comics characters team up for the first time in the 12th issue of flagship title Young Justice, but the imprint will gain a new title with the launch of Amethyst.

Spinning out of Young Justice, the new series will be written, drawn and colored by Amy Reeder, and focus on Amy Winston — aka Princess Amethyst of Gemworld — as she returns to her magical kingdom to find it near destroyed, with those that survive in Gemworld turned against her and her family house.

Amethyst first appeared in 1983’s The Legion of Super-Heroes No. 298 before headlining her own solo series first with a 12-issue Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld miniseries later that year, followed in 1985 with a second series that lasted 16 issues. The character was resurrected in 2012 as the lead character for DC’s Sword of Sorcery series, and starred in a seven-episode series of animated shorts for Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block of programming.

Reeder has worked on DC’s Madame Xanadu and Batwoman, and has most recently co-created Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for Marvel, a young reader project recently announced as a future Disney XD animated series.

Amethyst will launch from DC’s Wonder Comics in February 2020.