DC Announces New Creators for Joe Hill's 'Plunge,' Neil Gaiman's 'The Dreaming'

Dreaming - Publicity - H 2019
<p>Jae Lee/DC</p>
Stuart Immonen, G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles are joining DC's horror books in 2020.

DC’s “House of Horrors” panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday dropped two unexpected pieces of news, with the announcements that best-selling artist Stuart Immonen will be ending his short-lived semi-retirement to illustrate Joe Hill’s upcoming series Plunge and Neil Gaiman’s The Dreaming will get an all-new creative team in the coming year.

Immonen’s involvement with Plunge — the fifth of Hill’s “Hill House Comics” line — comes after the artist stepped back from the regular comic book schedule early last year, upon completion of his run on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Prior to that, he had illustrated a number of titles for Marvel across a 15-plus-year relationship with the publisher.

The artist was brought on to Plunge, which Hill told the crowd will be his riff on John Carpenter’s The Thing, after Hill asked his editor Mark Doyle for "someone like Stuart Immonen" to draw the series.

The NYCC crowd also learned of the departure of two creators from another title, with the news that Si Spurrier and Bllquis Evely would be leaving The Dreaming, part of the Neil Gaiman-curated The Sandman Universe imprint, after the series’ 18th issue.

"I'm so proud and blown away by everyone's reaction to [the series], and I'm kind of heartbroken to be stepping away from it," Spurrier, who will remain with the imprint as writer of the upcoming John Constantine: Hellblazer monthly, told the crowd, before G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, Alif the Unseen) and Nick Robles (Euthanauts) were introduced as the incoming writer and artist for the book.

Wilson — who has spoken extensively about her love for Gaiman’s Sandman comic book series, which The Dreaming is a sequel to — said that she was asked to take over the series while in Colorado on a book tour for her recent novel The Bird King.

"What was funny about that conversation was that I walked outside kind of in a daze after it was over and I looked at the mountains and I had this wave of deja vu, because the very first time that I read Sandman at a good friend of mine's house in high school, I was in Longmont, Colorado," explained Wilson.

The Dreaming No. 18, Spurrier’s final issue, is set to be released in February, with Wilson taking over the title the following month.