DC Relaunching 'Supergirl,' 'Super Sons' Comic Book Series

Post-'Man of Steel,' the Superman spinoff comics will be revamped with new mission statements.
Courtesy of Jorge Jimenez/DC Entertainment
Post-'Man of Steel,' the Superman spinoff comics will be revamped with new mission statements.

It’s not just Superman who is impacted by Brian Michael Bendis’ upcoming Man of Steel miniseries, which relaunches the mythos of the Man of Tomorrow. DC Entertainment has announced plans to relaunch both Supergirl and Super-Sons this summer, as well.

The Supergirl monthly series, which went on hiatus with last month’s No. 20, will return in August with a new creative team — Marc Andreyko and Kevin Maguire — and a new mission, as Kara Zor-El journeys into space to learn more about Rogol Zaar, the villain of the Man of Steel series, and a character who claims to be responsible for the destruction of Krypton.

“The baseline story is very big. She’s trying to learn why he does what he does, where he comes from, and if there’s anyone else involved with him. It’s a detective story in space. She’s looking for answers to the questions that have been raised by Rogol Zaar,” Andreyko told SyFy Wire. “The external journey of her going on this quest through space mimicks her internal, emotional journey in finding out who she is and where she fits in. Your characters always have to have an emotional journey. Otherwise, it’s like you’re just watching someone play a video game.”

(Kara will also get a number of different new costumes as part of the series relaunch; one, designed by Jorge Jimenez, is shown above.)

The same month that Supergirl No. 21 hits the shelves, Super Sons will return in a new miniseries, Adventures of the Super Sons, written by original series co-creator Peter J. Tomasi, with art from Carlo Barberi. The new series reteams Damian Wayne, son of Batman, with Superman’s son Jon Kent, as the two attract the attention of a group of interstellar troublemakers called “The Gang.”

Interestingly, Tomasi told Paste Magazine that Adventures takes place prior to the Man of Steel series, which is important for one particular reason — advance solicitations for Bendis’ miniseries and the subsequent Superman comics suggest that Jon Kent has gone missing for some unknown reason. DC, it seems, is attempting to keep Bendis’ plans a mystery while simultaneously feeding the audience’s hunger for more Super Sons.

Both Supergirl No. 21 and Adventures of Super Sons No. 1 will be released digitally and in comic book stores in August. Man of Steel No. 1, launching the new status quo for Superman and related titles, will be released May 30.