DC Announces New Series From 'Mister Miracle' Creators, 'Strange Adventures'

Strange Adventures Comics — Publicity — H 2019
Evan Shaner/Mitch Gerads/DC
The award-winning team of Tom King and Mitch Gerads will bring Evan "Doc" Shaner in for the upcoming series.

After winning multiple Eisner Awards at Friday evening’s ceremony, DC has announced that creators Tom King (winner of this year’s Best Writer category) and Mitch Gerads (winner of the Best Penciller/Inker category this year for the second year in a row) will follow up their Mister Miracle series (winner of this year’s Best Limited Series category) with a revival of the 1950s science fiction character Adam Strange.

King and Gerads will work with artist Evan “Doc” Shaner on Strange Adventures, a new series to launch at some point in 2020, it was revealed Sunday morning on Twitter. No further details about the series were revealed, but cover art from both Gerads and Shaner suggest that two radically different interpretations of the character will be featured, with Shaner’s cover showing the classic space hero version, compared with Gerads', whose image is defaced with graffiti including “Space Liar!” and “War Criminal!”

Created in 1958 by Julius Schwartz and Murphy Anderson, Adam Strange was “the man of two worlds” — a human archaeologist who found himself repeatedly transported across the universe to the planet Rann, via alien technology known as “Zeta-Beams.” On Rann, he became a hero and planetary defender, as well as fell in love and started a family — all the while not knowing if and when he’d return to Earth as the Zeta-Beam radiation faded from his body. The character’s original adventures ran in the original Strange Adventures series.

While none of the creators have spoken publicly about the series, Gerads had teased the announcement Saturday night on Twitter by revealing that he had snuck Adam Strange into earlier collaborations with King.

More information about Strange Adventures will be released in upcoming months.