DC and Brian Michael Bendis Are Revamping 'Superman' in May

Man of Steel Cover - H 2018 Promo
Ivan Reis/DC Entertainment
The former Marvel superstar will also bring his crime books to his new publisher, as well as curate an imprint later in the year.

After Action Comics No. 1000 features the first fruits of his new DC Entertainment exclusive contract, fan-favorite comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis will make his presence felt this summer by revamping DC’s Superman line of comic books from the ground up.

The publisher has revealed that Bendis will write a six-issue miniseries titled Man of Steel, intended to retell (and, in the words of DC’s official PR, "shake up") the origin story of Superman, before writing both Action Comics and Superman, with the two series receiving relaunches this July.

Man of Steel, launching May 30, will feature a different artist on each issue, with the art team announced as Ivan Reis, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok. (Reis and Joe Prado will provide covers for each issue, which will combine into one image; preliminary art for the first four covers can be seen above.) Reis will also draw the new Superman title, which will launch with a No. 1 issue on July 11. Action Comics will follow with No. 1001 on July 30, with art by Patrick Gleason.

Bendis' DC plans go beyond the Last Son of Krypton. DC will be releasing new editions of his creator-owned crime titles under the Jinxworld imprint, with digital editions of titles that include Jinx, Torso and Fire available this spring, ahead of new issues of Powers, Scarlet and The United States of Murder Inc. and, it's promised, all-new characters and concepts to follow in the second half of 2018 and beyond.

Additionally, Bendis will join the likes of Warren Ellis and Gerard Way by curating his own imprint of titles later in the year, which will feature existing DC properties and brand-new characters created by Bendis. No details of a creative lineup for this imprint are available at this time.

Bendis signed with DC in a surprise move in November after 17 years at Marvel Entertainment, where he was one of the company's most important, and certainly most high-profile, writers.