DC Brings Out The Bad Batmen In New 'Metal' Special Issues This Fall

The comic book universe is about to be invaded by evil versions of the world's greatest detective.
Greg Capullo/DC Entertainment,

DC Entertainment's comic book universe is about to deal with an infestation of bats — bad bats.

As part of the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal comic book storyline by best-selling creative team Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the world of the Justice League will be visited by a number of evil versions of Batman from alternate realities, each intending to wreak havoc on everything around them, but especially Gotham City — and seven newly announced one-shot comic books will show how the world deals with them.

Released across September, October and November, the one-off titles are Batman: The Red Death, Batman: The Murder Machine, Batman: The Dawnbreaker, Batman: The Drowned, Batman: The Merciless, Batman: The Devastator and The Batman Who Laughs, each created by a different team of creators including Justice League vs. Suicide Squad writer Joshua Williamson and Trinity and The Flash artist Francis Manapul. Justice League artist Jason Fabok provides covers to each of the issues, which will cost $3.99.

Additionally, a four-part crossover between Teen Titans, Nightwing, Green Arrow and Suicide Squad in September will show the ways in which Gotham has been impacted by the events of the larger Metal storyline, with a tie-in story called "Gotham Resistance."

"With the combination of an event comic helmed by two of the most talented creators in comic history a legion of evil Batmen and crossover titles that show just how deeply this event impacts the DCU, fans will know now more than ever that Dark Nights: Metal is something not to be missed," said DCE executive editor Patrick McCallum in a statement.

Dark Nights: Metal launches in August, with the prologue issue Dark Days: The Forge already available in comic book stores and digitally.

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