DC CCO Promises 'Very Different' Superhero Universe in 2014

Geoff Johns explains that, following the end of the current "Forever Evil" storyline, the DC universe will enter a "new phase."
David Finch/DC Entertainment

By the end of "Forever Evil," DC Entertainment's superhero universe will undergo significant changes, according to writer (and DC Entertainment chief creative officer) Geoff Johns.

Talking to Newsarama.com about the current DC superhero event in which an evil Justice League from a parallel universe tries to take over the world -- only to be opposed by characters such as Lex Luthor, Black Adam and the Flash's rogues gallery -- Johns promised "lots of big surprises, big changes," adding that "come April the DC Universe will be a very different place leading into and throughout 2014."

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He continued, "The first phase of the New 52 is drawing to a close and as 'Forever Evil' wraps up a new phase begins -- one that will see the introduction, and re-introduction, of a lot of characters, concepts and a decidedly new center to the DC universe. Keep your eyes on Lex. He’s the one to watch."

The "New 52" is the branding DC has used for its superhero line since it was relaunched in September 2011, and something that has centered around the Justice League, Batman and Green Lantern franchises to date. Whether or not the tease about paying attention to Lex Luthor means that we should expect a Superman focus next year if far from a sure thing; perhaps the DCU is going to become filled with bald characters instead.