DC to Censor Full Frontal Nudity In Future 'Batman: Damned' Printings

Batman Damned - H 2018
DC Entertainment
There are still 115,000 print copies out there that do somewhat show Bruce Wayne's privates.

DC Entertainment will censor a panel of full-frontal male nudity in future issues of Batman: Damned No. 1, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. 

However, there are 115,000 print copies already in circulation that do somewhat show Bruce Wayne's privates.

This particular issue of the DC Black Label series, the first original material from the company's new mature readers line of comics, made headlines after it was revealed that Wayne took off his Batsuit and all was shown in one panel, illustrated by artist Lee Bemejo. The art got more attention when Late Night host Seth Meyers mentioned the comic Wednesday night on his NBC show.

A source close to the project told THR it was decided later that the nudity did not add to the story and would be removed in future printings. 

The panel in question was always censored on digital comics platforms.