DC Comics Co-Publisher Talks 'Convergence' and Bringing Back Old Fans

"Our goal is to reach as many people as possible."
Pagulayan/DC Entertainment

The upcoming Convergence event from DC Entertainment — which will see the publisher’s superhero line suspended for two months, replaced by a number of series featuring alternate incarnations of familiar characters pulled from the company’s 75-plus-year history — is a chance for fans of every era of DC’s heroes to return to the fold, according to co-publisher Dan DiDio.

Talking to Newsarama.com, DiDio said that the event, which takes place in April and May, is “a celebration of all the generations of DC characters; it's a celebration of everything that DC represents in terms of character and story,” adding, “If you were ever a DC comics fan, you'll find something in this that you love.”

DiDio went on to say that Convergence was intentionally built with an eye to broaden DC’s appeal. “We want to see what the reaction is, where the excitement is,” he explained, “because our goal is to reach as many people as possible. So the more people who get excited about ideas, the more that we'll go back and see whether or not there's this viable option on how to really capture whatever interest they're showing in those characters.”

Convergence, DiDio hopes, will allow DC to explore its entire superhero history and use that as a basis for the future. “My hope is that it's not just talking to the older reader, but really to the young reader too, so they really, truly understand all that DC comics has to offer,” he said. “That's our approach. This is a story for even a brand-new reader.”

Convergence launches in April, with the core Convergence miniseries debuting April 1.

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