DC Comics Co-Pubs DiDio and Lee Talk Company's Move West (Video)

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio admits "I get a little jealous" of the work done in DC Entertainment's West Coast offices, while promising company's growth won't be impacted by move.

The move for DC Comics from its longtime home in New York to Burbank is still more than a year away, but in the latest edition of DC's All Access video series, DC Comics co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee discuss what the move means for the publishing division and DC Entertainment as a whole.

"I see the energy and the excitement and the growth that's coming out of the West Coast offices," DiDio explained during the segment featuring the two publishers. "When you're over there, you hear about what's going on on the TV and film side, and I have to admit, you hear about the video games and all the other things that are taking aspects of the stories they're working on [in the publishing division] and putting them out there. And I have to admit, I look at what's going on in the digital, and I get a little jealous."

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Lee, for his part, said that despite the move being a "heavy decision," he was "thrilled by the notion to finally be able to work with [DiDio] in one location," adding that there was a "tremendous amount of resources and support on the West Coast," and that "having a united DC will mean some amazing, amazing things for the company."

"In a world where the magazine business, or the newsstand business, is collapsing or books are shifting to digital, we're showing growth in both print and digital. Our stuff is getting bigger," DiDio said. "So from my standpoint, it's a great time to be at DC, to be reading DC, but more importantly, none of that is going to change by making a switch like that. I think that's the key message that we get out of all this. It's the fact that we're gonna be bigger, better and stronger as we see the months, and the years, turning."

Watch All Access below; the DiDio/Lee segment starts at 4:15.