DC Delays Second Issue of 'Sandman: Overture' for Two Months

The second issue of Neil Gaiman's return to his "Sandman" series has been pushed from December 2013 to February 2014, with all existing orders canceled.
DC Entertainment

Everyone who's been waiting years for Neil Gaiman to return to Sandman, I'm afraid there's been some bad news. After the first issue of The Sandman: Overture was one of the ten most ordered comics of last month, DC Entertainment has told comic book retailers that the rest of the six issue series has been delayed.

The delay takes effect with the next issue of the series, which had originally been solicited with an on-sale date of Dec. 31. The publisher has told retailers -- and confirmed to Comic Book Resources -- that the issue will now be delayed until February, with all initial orders canceled as a result.

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The original publishing plan for The Sandman: Overture had been for a new issue of the series to be released every second month, with the months in between featuring "Special Edition" versions of the previous issue, with additional, behind-the-scenes material. DC has not released any updated schedule for future issues -- none of which had been solicited -- and it remains unknown under what timeframe the remaining issues will be released.