DC Drops UCS Comics Distributors For 2021

DC Future State
Dan Mora/DC
The publisher will be distributing its weekly releases through Lunar Distribution in the U.S. as of January 2021.

Months after DC opened up the distribution of its weekly comic releases to include new companies UCS Comics Distributors and Lunar Distribution, it has announced to retailers that it will no longer be working with UCS by the end of the year.

In a letter to retailers, DC explained that, as of January 1 2021, its releases to the comic specialty “direct market” will be distributed through Lunar, Diamond U.K., and Penguin Random House, with the latter only distributing graphic novels and collected editions. Final orders placed through UCS have to be placed by Nov. 29.

“We want to take this time to sincerely thank UCS for their help during this transition, and we will continue to provide all our support to UCS as retailers shift their accounts over to Lunar or other distributors,” the letter reads.

Additionally, DC is placing a minimum order amount for weekly delivery at the start of the year, with orders less than $125 in retail value being held until the shipping threshold has been met.

In a separate letter to retailers from UCS, the distributor explained, “UCS will be transferring records of all unfilled FOC orders for items shipping January 2021 and beyond to Lunar to allow for a smooth transition for all accounts. Lunar will contact accounts over the next several weeks to confirm and finalize their information,” and added, “UCS is not closing. We will be offering other exciting items that stores can use!”

UCS, like Lunar, was newly created to handle DC’s distribution needs in early June this year, with the two companies originally intended to split weekly comic distribution across the United States. While Lunar received praise from retailers for the quality and speed of its service, the same wasn’t true of UCS, which was criticized for late or damaged deliveries.