DC Entertainment Concludes 'Batman: Arkham Origins' Digital Storyline

The eighth and final installment of DC's digital "choose your own adventure" Batman comic has been released by the publisher.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end -- including your chance to control the comic book adventures of DC Entertainment’s Dark Knight. The final installment of Batman: Arkham Origins - A DC2 Multiverse Graphic Novel has been released, with the entire storyline now available to download for fans.

Launched in December, Arkham Origins was the first collaboration between DC and digital comics studio Madefire, with the latter creating a technology that allowed the reader to make specific choices at certain points of the story that lead down different “branches,” altering the direction of the plot and even the ending of the larger storyline, which connects to the fan-favorite line of Batman: Arkham video games.

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“It's been a thrill to experience fans' reactions to this interactive story these past months,” said DCE’s senior vp of Vertigo and Integrated Publishing, Hank Kanalz, while Madefire CEO Ben Wolstenholme added that the collaboration extended the reach of Madefire’s technology. “Expanding to the iPhone is very exciting,” he said. “It sets the bar for reading on a small screen and opens this epic story up to a whole new audience.”

In addition to all eight chapters of the Batman: Arkham Origins storyline being available on a dedicated iOS app, the story is also available on Madefire’s own Motion Books app.