DC Entertainment to Offer All-Day YouTube Live Stream

Rebirth-Splash-DC Entertainment-H 2016
Courtesy of Ivan Reis/DC Entertainment
The Sept. 2 event celebrates the millionth subscriber to DCE's 'DC All Access' YouTube channel.

DC Entertainment is hoping that fans didn't have anything too important planned for Sept. 2 — because it's planning to fill the day with an eight-hour live stream featuring interviews with comic book creators and more.

The live stream was announced as the one millionth subscriber signed up for the company's DC All Access YouTube channel, which features daily updates on DC comic books, TV shows, animated projects and video games. Each video on the channel receives an average of half a million views, according to the company.

In a statement, Paul Malmont, DCE's director of digital marketing content, said that it was "exciting to see what we've accomplished in just three years," adding, "Now, more than ever, we're committed to bringing unique, entertaining stories about all things DC to our fans. The first-ever DC All Access all-day live stream event is a thank you to our fans for their support."

DC All Access originally debuted as a stand-alone short-run webseries in October 2013, before returning in February 2014 as an ongoing strand of programming. In February of this year, DC launched the All Access mobile app as a hub for DC-centric programming, including movie trailers, comic book previews and more.

The daylong All Access live stream will be hosted by the regular DC All Access team of Tiffany Smith and Jason Inman, and will launch at 9 a.m. PT on Sept. 2.