DC Entertainment Restructures Vertigo Comic Book Imprint

DC Comics The Sandman Art - P 2013
<p>DC Comics The Sandman Art - P 2013</p>   |   DC Entertainment
Shelly Bond, who's served as the line's VP and executive editor since 2014, has been let go from the company.

DC Entertainment had released Shelly Bond from her position as vp and executive editor of the Vertigo imprint as part of a restructuring of the comic book line, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed, with the position being eliminated altogether.

According to a statement released by the company, the decision to let Bond — who had worked at the imprint since its 1993 launch as an editor on titles including Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, Bill Willingham's Fables and Neil Gaiman's Sandman before being named as the line's executive editor in 2012 — was "very challenging."

The restructuring of the Vertigo line will result in what is described as an "updated business structure [that] will result for some employees in a change of reporting relationship, new job descriptions and expanded roles and responsibilities."

"We are extremely grateful for Shelly Bond's commitment and dedication to Vertigo, its books and its incredibly talented team of staff and creators," the statement continues. "In Vertigo, she leaves a legacy to which we remain committed and on which we intend to build for the future. She will always be a deeply valued and respected member of the DC family."

Bond's departure is the second time the Vertigo imprint has lost its executive editor in the last three years; Bond's mentor and Vertigo founder Karen Berger stepped down from the position in 2013, and recently resurfaced in the comics industry as the editor on an upcoming series for Image Comics.

During her time with the company, Bond also worked outside of the Vertigo imprint; she was one of the founders of the short-lived YA graphic novel line Minx, and as recently as two weeks ago, was named as one of the editorial forced behind Gerard Way's upcoming superhero imprint Young Animal.

The DC statement explained that the publisher's focus on Vertigo is currently "re-examining the direction and focus" of the imprint, with a goal of "keep[ing] competitive and stay[ing] relevant in the changing marketplace." The remaining editorial team will now answer directly to DC co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee, according to insiders.