DC Entertainment Takes Top 3 Spots on June Top 10 Comics List

Superman Unchained Comic Cover - P 2013
<p>Superman Unchained Comic Cover - P 2013</p>   |   Jim Lee/DC Entertainment
The Man of Steel helped DC Entertainment sparkle in June, with the publisher responsible for the month's three most-ordered comic books.

Superman didn't just save Metropolis when he defeated Zod in Man of Steel, he gave his parent company a substantial sales boost with DC Entertainment taking the top three best-selling comic books in the U.S. in June for the first time in more than a year.

Two new series starring Superman were June's most-ordered comics, according to sales data released by Diamond Comics Distributors. The first issues of Superman Unchained and Batman/Superman took the Nos. 1 and 2 spots respectively, with the 21st issue of the current Batman series -- which launched a new storyline retelling the origin of the Dark Knight, written by Superman Unchained's Scott Snyder -- grabbing the No. 3 spot ahead of the much-hyped final issues of Marvel Entertainment's Age of Ultron event series.

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Comic book market analyst John Jackson Miller suggests that Superman Unchained #1 may only be the second-best-selling comic of the year (behind DC's earlier Justice League of America #1), but at an estimated 256,300 orders at $4.99 each, the series easily broke the $1 million mark in terms of earnings.

The last time DC Entertainment had managed to take all three top slots on the Diamond chart was February 2012. The trick will be whether the publisher can continue its trifecta for July, with strong competition en route from Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy #5, which brings Neil Gaiman back to mainstream comics as a co-writer.