DC Entertainment Unlocks the Secrets of 'Convergence' Comic Book Event

DC's co-publisher explains what to expect from the reality-bending storyline launching next week.

DC Entertainment's Convergence launches next week, heralding a two-month period where the company's regular superhero comic book line will be temporarily replaced by 41 new titles — one central nine-issue series and 40 two-issue satellite series — reviving characters and concepts from the company's 75-plus-year history. Confused? DC's co-publisher Dan Didio explains all in this new video.

In the video above, Didio explains the backstory to the core Convergence series, as revealed in earlier DC series including The New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: Worlds End, while also teasing the effects the event will have on the revitalized DC line debuting in June.

He also touches on the 40 satellite series also bearing the Convergence banner, which run through April and May, and feature alternate versions of familiar DC characters meeting and, in the grand superhero tradition, clashing on more than one occasion.

Creators on the Convergence event include fan-favorites such as Len Wein, Greg Rucka and Marv Wolfman, as well as up-and-coming creators such as Evan "Doc" Shaner. Comic book newcomer — and veteran of USA's White CollarJeff King writes the main series, with assistance from longtime comic writer Scott Lobdell.

Convergence beings April 1 with a special "zero issue," before the event launches in earnest a week later, with Convergence No. 1 and the first of the satellite titles.

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