DC Entertainment Unveils Anniversary Covers Ahead of Comic Book "Rebirth"

Action 52 - H 2016
Courtesy of Rags Morales/Ben Oliver/DC Entertainment
'Superman,' 'Batman,' 'Wonder Woman' and more will receive special covers marking the 52nd issues of the 'New 52' relaunch in May.

This May, DC Entertainment will mark the 52nd issues of its remaining New 52 comic book titles with a series of special anniversary covers even as rumors of another upcoming line-wide relaunch continue to circulate.

DC announced the New 52 Hits 52 covers Friday, with artists including Batgirl's Babs Tarr, Wonder Woman's David Finch and Huck's Rafael Albuquerque recreating cover images from each series' first New 52 issue in their own style. The covers will appear on 11 of the 12 series relaunched as part of DC's September 2011 line-wide reboot still in publication: Action Comics, Aquaman, Batgirl, Batman, Catwoman, Detective Comics, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman. (Justice League, the line's flagship book, is curiously absent from the announcement.)

The news comes as speculation continues to mount that DC will relaunch its superhero line this summer as part of a mysterious event titled, "Rebirth." What seemed initially unlikely, a rumor was given some weight when both DC's co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee posted, without commentary, the same teaser image on Twitter on the same day as an initial report gained online attention:

Although DC Entertainment has declined to comment on just what "#Rebirth" could be, DC's chief creative officer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver have continued to tweet using the hashtag. Both creators have previously collaborated on Green Lantern: Rebirth and The Flash: Rebirth comic book series for DC, intended to re-establish the characters and brands as a priority for the company:

At the same time, a number of creators have announced via social media that they will be stepping away from their current assignments:

Solicitations for DC's May releases — featuring the 52nd issues of the eleven titles mentioned above — will be released Feb. 16, and may offer more details (or, at least, hints) at what lies ahead with #Rebirth. For now, this story, like so many superhero tales, remains to be continued.