Comic-Con: DC Unveils Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet to Close Preview Night

A nighttime interactive attraction invited fans to pilot the Amazon Princess' personal plane.
Graeme McMillan
A nighttime interactive attraction invited fans to pilot the Amazon Princess' personal plane.

After more than 70 years of carrying the iconic hero in comic books and cartoons, Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet made its real-life debut during the Preview Night of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 — or, at least, a replica centerpiece at an off-site art installation celebrating the 75th anniversary of DC Entertainment's leading lady.

The vacuum-formed replica jet — which took 475 hours to create and is made of the same material used to make space blankets — is set against a backdrop that includes a hidden door, allowing fans to enter and pretend to pilot the plane for themselves (telepathic commands, sadly, not included). The interactive attraction was unveiled in the Gaslamp Quarter at a press event Wednesday, ahead of a nighttime run for the length of this year's Comic-Con.

Alongside the jet, a group of female artists will create artworks of Wonder Woman live each night, inspired by different parts of the character's history and representation, from her comic book origins in 1941's All Star Comics No. 8 through Gal Gadot's big-screen incarnation in next year's standalone Wonder Woman movie.

The unveiling of the Invisible Jet marked the official launch of Wonder Woman 75, a yearlong celebration of the three-quarter century anniversary of Wonder Woman's first appearance, culminating in the theater release June 2, 2017, of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

At Comic-Con alone, the celebration includes a display of costumes from that movie (as well as from Lynda Carter's time as the Amazon Princess from the 1970s TV show) in the DC booth on the convention floor, as well as a Saturday afternoon panel dedicated to Wonder Woman's history across different media.

San Diego Comic-Con runs at the San Diego Convention Center until July 24.