DC Extends Walmart-Exclusive Publishing Line With New Titles

Superman Giant 3 Cover - Publicity - P 2018
Andy Kubert/DC Entertainment
'Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special' and 'The Flash' will be added to the existing 100-page giant line.

DC Entertainment’s experiment to expand the reach of its comic book arm via exclusive releases through Walmart is getting bigger, with the news that two special editions are planned before the end of 2018, with two new ongoing series to be added to the line early next year.

As revealed by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Oct. 7 will see the release of the Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special, followed a month later by an as-yet-untitled holiday-themed issue, which will be in stores Nov. 11. Both titles will, like the other DC/Walmart releases, run 100 pages and retail for $4.99.

The line of ongoing titles in the initiative — currently Superman, Justice League of America, Batman and Teen Titans, all of which launched in July — will grow in February, with the addition of a Flash title (the character currently appears in the Justice League series) and a sixth series, the focus of which is still to be determined.

At San Diego Comic-Con in July, DC publisher Dan DiDio told The Hollywood Reporter about the line: “Our hope is to build that out; right now, it’s just four books — if we can expand that up to eight, that’s a big win for us. If we can secure ourselves not just in the 3,000 stores we’re in right now, but with a wider footprint within Walmart, that’s an even bigger win.”

That last part may already be underway. Walmart spokesperson Molly Blakeman is quoted in the Democrat-Gazette piece as suggesting that there’s a possibility that the retailer might add the titles to its online store, although she added, “Our current priority is to establish the presence of these books in [physical] Walmart stores.”