DC Introduces 'Batman and Robin and Howard'

Batman and Robin and Howard
Jeffrey Brown/DC
Created by 'Darth Vader and Son' cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, the November graphic novel introduces Robin to a kid that might be even more capable than he is.

DC continues to expand its line of middle grade graphic novel offerings with the announcement of Batman and Robin and Howard, a new title due this fall from cartoonist and creator of the acclaimed Darth Vader and Son series, Jeffrey Brown.

The graphic novel follows Damian Wayne — AKA Robin, the Boy Wonder, and also Bruce Wayne’s son — as he starts to attend Gotham Metro Academy, where he’s shocked to discover that there just might be a kid who is smarter and more athletic than he is. Could the unassuming Howard be the figure to finally take Robin down?

“I wanted to take these superheroes out of their element a little, show how they might struggle in the real world like the rest of us — or maybe show how the rest of us can have a heroic side, too,” Brown said in a statement about the project. “And when Robin meets Howard, I thought readers might see that a friendly rivalry can be better than a rivalry, but sometimes just being friends is the best.”

Batman and Robin and Howard, written and drawn by Brown, will be released Nov. 9.