DC Launches New 'Deathstroke' Monthly Series

Building on the popularity of the character on the CW's "Arrow," DC announces a new comic book featuring the mercenary without equal.
Tony Daniel/DC Entertainment

Fans of the CW series Arrow—and, in particular, Manu Bennett’s untrustworthy Slade Wilson—might be particularly interested in the latest news from DC Entertainment ahead of this month’s San Diego Comic-Con, with the publisher announcing that a new Deathstroke series will begin this fall.

Written and drawn by Tony Daniel, who has previously handled both Detective Comics and Superman/Wonder Woman for the company, the new series sets the mercenary against even more immoral characters according to the creator. “The people he’s up against here are clearly evil bastards,” he told MTV in an interview promoting the series. “If anyone deserves to be disemboweled, it’s this group.”

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Daniel teases a plan to “deconstruct Deathstroke a bit before I build him back up” during the series’ initial issues, adding that the character’s appearances in the Arrow series ensure that Oliver Queen’s alter ego will show up in the comic book at some point. “Will they work together or be enemies, that’s the question I’ll have the answer to if and when we get to that point,” he said.

This is far from the first solo comic series for the character; not only was there a long-running Deathstroke the Terminator series from character co-creator Marv Wolfman and a number of artists in the 1990s, but a Deathstroke series was one of the launch titles for the New 52 in September 2011, lasting just 21 issues before cancellation.

Deathstroke launches in October.