Heroes and Villains Teaming Up for 'DC Legends' Mobile Game

Nekron DC Legends - Publicity - H 2016
Doug Mahnke/DC Entertainment
Join the Justice League to deal with Nekron and the prophecy of the Blackest Night.

When the DC Universe is faced with its Blackest Night, it'll take the combined might of the world's super-heroes and villains to survive… with a little help from fans, as well.

DC Legends is a new strategy role-playing game for mobile devices, released today by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, which lifts elements of the fan-favorite Blackest Night comic book series and larger Green Lantern mythos to build a MMORPG that allows players the chance to build teams of heroes and villains to defeat Nekron and the Manhunters.

“We think DC fans will appreciate the authenticity and depth we’ve brought to DC Legends," Jonathan Knight, VP and Studio Head at ‎WB Games San Francisco, said in a statement. "The game delivers an experience that's both exciting and engaging, empowering players to strategically customize their teams and upgrade their super powers, as they battle against other players across the world."

Playable characters in the free game will include Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Batman and Doomsday, with the opportunity to pit your team of ersatz Super Friends against those of other players as part of an online tournament that includes 14 separate Leagues, each with escalating rewards for champions.

DC Legends is available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play. Watch the launch trailer below.