DC Partners With MeTV for 'Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe'

Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe Cover - Chris Jones - DC - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Chris Jones/DC
The horror movie host is headed to comics.

For four decades, he’s introduced all manner of wild and wooly horror and science fiction movies on Saturday nights, but next month, cult movie host Svengoolie will star in his strangest story yet, when he ends up in the middle of the DC Universe — and DC’s superhero comic book line.

For those not in the know, Svengoolie debuted in 1970 as the host of Chicago station WFLD’s Screaming Yellow Theater With Svengoolie, with Jerry G. Bishop in the role. Rich Koz took over the show in 1979, originally as Son of Svengoolie, before dropping the “Son of” moniker upon the character’s return from a nine-year hiatus in 1995, when the show was revived by WCIU-TV. In 2011, the show went nationwide when MeTV started broadcasting it on Saturday nights.

Both Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe writer — and DC publisher — Dan DiDio and artist Chris Jones are longtime fans of the show, and the character. “I’m a huge fan of classic sci-fi and horror movies and I grew up with Svengoolie,” DiDio said in a statement about the project. “As a fan and a publisher, I never thought I’d have a chance to have Svengoolie in our books, let alone write the story. This is a fantastic opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited.” 

Koz, who will assist DiDio in writing, added, “This is a dream come true for someone who’s been a lifelong fan of DC superheroes since I first got into comics as a kid. I couldn’t be prouder to have Svengoolie standing side by side with these iconic characters. I definitely identify with them, too; after all, I have to put on my costume before I can do my job, too!”

Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe, produced in partnership with MeTV, will run as a series of two-page “chapters” in various DC comic books throughout October. That same month, DiDio and Koz will appear together on a special panel on Friday, Oct. 4, at New York Comic Con, marking Koz’s 40th anniversary as Svengoolie. The panel will take place between 2:45-3:45 p.m. in Room 1A24 of the Javits Convention Center.