DC's Jim Lee Shares Details of Warren Ellis' Latest Superhero Project (Exclusive Clip)

"I feel like it's definitely been affected by his literary writing," Lee says of the 'Normal' and 'Gun Machine' novelist's new comic book line.

This week sees the launch of The Wild Storm, a new DC Entertainment comic book imprint that has writer Warren Ellis return to the fictional concepts and universe created by Jim Lee 25 years ago. In a new DC All Access interview, Lee — now DCE co-publisher alongside Dan DiDio — talks about reviving and updating the line for today's audience, and Heat Vision has an exclusive clip.

"It's thematically heavy, he's giving it time to breathe," Lee explains in the video about Ellis's new imprint, which launches this Wednesday with the release of The Wild Storm No. 1, the first of four series intended to launch the new line. (The second, Michael Cray, is already in development, according to Ellis, with the remaining two titles to follow in the imprint's second year.)

"When he worked at WildStorm before, he did something called 'widescreen' storytelling with Bryan Hitch," Lee continues, referring to the pair's critically acclaimed collaboration on The Authority in 1999-2000, "where they had panels that went from the left to the right and just went for big, big action shots. And this, it's much more intimate, and then gives it time to breathe and then cut to action. I feel like it's definitely been affected by his literary writing. It's just very, very rich."

The Wild Storm, as a title and imprint, is a reimagining of concepts and characters first created by Lee in the WildCATS series that helped launch Image Comics in 1992. Named for the creative studio Lee founded at the same time, the WildStorm franchise — which included a Saturday morning WildCATS series as well as collectible trading card sets and a card game — would go on to be sold to DC in 1998, with the characters folded into the "mainstream" DC superhero universe as part of its 2011 line-wide relaunch.

The new imprint follows last year's launch of Young Animal, which saw former My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way curate a similar "pop-up" imprint featuring characters from the DC library.

The full interview is available as part of DC's DC All Access video series, available here, or viewable below.